Cheap Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe’s Distinction

Clock accuracy is very important, the ship clock with the ship, if the error of only one second a day, then according to the cumulative navigation error of two months will reach 27 km. The daily wear of mechanical watches, if the difference of more than 10 seconds, the user has a clear feeling, the error will be cumulative. Because the Cheap Rolex Replica average person to adjust the watch is changing the size of the month, a month or two down, you can get a very bad.

As the gearbox is the core components of the car, the more advanced gear the more expensive the more expensive. Fine-tuning the time to adjust the watch is a key component to judge the quality of the watch. The same movement, using different fine-tuning, will be divided into levels. For example, the widely used ETA movement will be based on the use of gossamer, balance wheel, vibration, fine-tuning, standard, enhanced version, top version, the Observatory version, Top and Chronometer different levels. The same is true of the top movement. The most improved Patek Philippe Replica Watches among the hand-rolled chronographs of the classic 2310 Nouvelle Lemania movement is the fine-tuned gooseneck fine-tuning of the original to PP Home Gyromax cardless balance.

Turn the faucet to adjust the water flow. So how to adjust the speed of the table when it go, the most important thing is to adjust the balance spring oscillating mechanical oscillator oscillating cycle. Balance wheel and gossamer in the escapement with the reciprocation of high-speed swing back and forth, swinging balance position of the Rolex Replica Watches maximum angle is the swing.

Using eccentric screw speed needle structure of the table, will not be expensive. Top table probably only Athens, the movement replaced ETA will retain such a body, the price can reach six figures. Seiko Grand Seiko plate face and the pointer has done a very good job, but see the eccentric screw fine-tuning, we can understand why the sale of 20,000 yuan. Unlike the simple eccentric screw speed needle fine-tuning, gooseneck fine-tuning the needle, there are many expensive Rolex Replica. Different forms of speed needle, is beautiful. In addition to goose neck shape, there are similar designs and snail pocket watch fine tuning, the role is similar. Gooseneck has three major functions, it can quickly jam the clip, double gooseneck, but also stuck outside the piles, this will ensure that the vibration, the two do not have displacement, and second, it can make a fine precision adjustment , To ensure accuracy can be accurately adjusted to a satisfactory and accurate range, and third, and now it is more a decoration and watchmaking heritage, but also the performance of art and watch grades.

There is a way to put the weights and light pendulum swing, the balance wheel has a lot of screws, we remember that this is not without card, the role of these screws is not to adjust the swing, temperature compensation for adjustment, this balance wheel In the more annual watch or pocket Replica Watches to see. The so-called “card-free”, in fact, refers to the lack of speed needle, the accuracy is to use the balance above the balance to adjust, these weights have many styles, the role of similar basic weight, these weights are double and the corresponding , Adjustment will make the center of mass balance center of mass or move to achieve the purpose of changing the period of shock, no card is a preconceived call card, in fact, called “weight swing” seems more appropriate. Temperature changes for mechanical watches and quartz watches are a great influence. Quartz watch at 25 degrees Celsius is the most accurate, the temperature rises, it will go slow. Mechanical watch by the temperature changes how much it does, the temperature rises, the metal will be the rigidity of the spring will drop, the length of the work will change, if not for temperature compensation, each rise of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 33 degrees Celsius, the daily travel time error will Increase 312 seconds, which is 6 and a half minutes. The temperature compensation for the balance is also a very interesting knowledge. Someone won the Nobel Prize for solving this problem.

In fact, the Rolex Microstella cardless structure is earlier than the Gyromax fine tuning of Patek Philippe. A similar design is also a lot. Perhaps because Rolex basic are secret, people can not see the movement, a relatively low-key point.

On July 29, 1938 in full swing during the Second World War, Cheap Replica Watches applied for the Swiss patent CHX2239668 and the inventor was Rolex’s early partner, AEGLER HANS HERMANN. Rolex is the earliest order from here movement. Who can think of 76 years still continue the use of this technology. The Swiss text of this patent has been lost, and we now see the U.S. patent application filed on September 12, 1938.