Top 20 Swiss Chronometer Watch Brands: Rolex Yachtmaster-II Replica Leads the Pack

Here, we examine data from COSC that reveals the top 20 Rolex Replica brands by number of COSC chronometer certificates issued to them in 2012. An interesting list for fans of swiss made Rolex Yachtmaster-II  Replica Watches.1 (1)
In 2012, COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres), the official chronometer certification agency of Switzerland, issued 1.73 million chronometer certificates for Rolex Replica UK. This marks a record high, up 6 percent over chronometer production in 2011. The 6-percent rise comes on top of a giant jump in 2011, when chronometer certificates increased by 28 percent. According to COSC’s data, which Rolex Yachtmaster-II  Replica Watches UK obtained from the Federation of the Cheap Rolex Yachtmaster-II Replica Industry, an additional 87,911 timepieces were submitted to COSC that did not pass the certification process for Cheap Rolex.
In order for a Rolex Replica to bear COSC’s official title of chronometer, its movement must pass an extensive battery of tests. Although COSC does not test finished Rolex Replica Watches, it measures the accuracy of a movement in multiple positions and at different temperatures over 16 days. Each year, COSC publishes the list of all the brands that received more than 1,000 chronometer certificates. Typically, the three Rolex Replica UK producers at the top have been consistent: Rolex, Omega and Breitling.
Rolex Replica Watches UK has dominated the COSC list for years. In 2012, it received its second highest number ever: 798,935 certificates,
up 6.3 percent from the year before. (Rolex Yachtmaster-II  Replica Watches UK hit its all-time high in 2002, when it received 814,720 chronometer certificates.) In 2012, Rolex’s chronometers made up 46.1 percent of all certificates that COSC issued.